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18 May 2006

Indefinite Hiatus

It is with some regret that the Political Behavior Blog comes to an end. We have enjoyed our year-long experiment in blogging about political behavior research. Among other things we have learned that maintaining a blog requires both hard work and skill. This blog has generated a surprising amount of readers in a short period of time, but with summer coming and my departure for the University of Wisconsin imminent, it is time to push the pause button. Enjoy the warm weather and thanks for your contributions!

Although this blog is done, IQSS continues to support other social science blogs, and I hear that more are on the way. Fortunately, the Political Psychology and Behavior Workshop will continue next year under the direction of Claudine Gay and Sunshine Hillygus.

Posted by Barry Burden at 9:46 AM | Comments (2)

1 May 2006

Democracy, Divided Government, and Split-Ticket Voting

The academic year will end with a CAPS-funded conference entield "Democracy, Divided Government, and Split-Ticket Voting." The meeting brings together American and comparative politics scholars to examine the causes and consequences of ticket splitting cross-nationally. Issues to be considered include theories of strategic voting, political competition, partisanship, uncertainty, and institutional constraints. Look for more details soon.

Posted by Barry Burden at 10:01 AM