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13 July 2006

Job: Preceptor in Statistical Methods and Mathematics

Harvard University invites applications for the full-time position of Preceptor in Statistical Methods and Mathematics beginning September 1, 2006. The preceptor is expected to design and teach one or more introductory courses in mathematical and statistical methods, and related computer support, for undergraduate and graduate students in social and health sciences, education, public policy and related areas. In addition, work in collaboration with faculty to build infrastructure and support statistical and mathematical courses in the Government Department in the design of teaching software, coordination with computer support, creation of laboratory and discussion components, and the development and integration of innovative teaching materials. The position also entails significant management responsibilities, including pedagogical mentoring, advanced programming, sample creation, software testing and documentation, and curriculum research and design. Applicants must have a strong background in statistical methods. Acts as primary liaison between instructors and teaching assistants. For more information, please see this ad.

Posted by Gary King at 9:02 PM